What is the SCCSS?

SCCSS is short for Swiss Childhood Cancer Survivor Study, a national questionnaire study. Survivors and their siblings receive a baseline questionnaire as well as follow-up questionnaires with questions regarding their current health and quality of life. The goal is to study long-term effects of childhood cancer on survivors and their families.

The SCCSS is conducted by the Childhood Cancer Research Group, which is part of the Institute of Social and Preventive Medicine (ISPM) at the University of Bern. Established in 2007 by Prof Claudia Kuehni, MD and Prof Nicolas von der Weid, MD, the SCCSS collaborates closely with the Swiss Childhood Cancer Registry and the pediatric oncology clinics in Switzerland.


SCCSS Dialog 2024

Information and exchange event with paediatric cancer organisations In January, the Childhood Cancer Research Group invited representatives from the field…

Current Research Projects


We would like to thank the Swiss Cancer League , Swiss Cancer Research, Childhood Cancer Switzerland, Stiftung für krebskranke Kinder, Regio basiliensis and Kinderkrebshilfe Schweiz for their financial support of the SCCSS.