SCCSS Dialog 2024

Information and exchange event with paediatric cancer organisations

In January, the Childhood Cancer Research Group invited representatives from the field of childhood cancer to an information and exchange event at the Institute of Social and Preventive Medicine at the University of Bern.

To open the event, Prof MD Claudia Kuehni and Prof MD Nicolas von der Weid gave a presentation on the history and current status of the Swiss Childhood Cancer Survivor Study. Doctoral student MD Tomáš Sláma then presented interesting results from the CardioOnco study on chronic fatigue after childhood cancer.

After this informative prelude, the attendees formed small groups. The discussions focused on brainstorming on new topics for the Swiss Childhood Cancer Survivor Study and on communicating study results and study activities of the Childhood Cancer Research Group. This valuable exchange enabled the expectations and needs of various people and interest groups to be collected and integrated into the future activities of the research group.

The informal exchange was not neglected either: during the coffee break and aperitif, there were not only great conversations, new acquaintances and delicious snacks, but also insights into further projects and results of the Childhood Cancer Research Group in the form of a poster exhibition.

We would like to thank all representatives for their participation and valuable contributions. We are already looking forward to future meetings and further dialogue to improve the quality of life of children after cancer.